LauzHack Days

Join us for short workshops focused on specific hacks!

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Previous LauzHack Days

Hacking With Amazon Alexa

Learn to create your first skill for Amazon Alexa, the voice service that powers Amazon Echo.

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Build a Private-by-Design Voice Assistant

Discover Snips’ tools as we build a voice assistant that runs completely on device, that is without connecting to the cloud.

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Intro to Docker

Docker, an important technology for cloud computing and virtualization.

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Crash Course on Reinforcement Learning

Mohanty from crowdAI shares his extensive experience in reinforcement learning with hands-on examples.

Introduction to Hackathons

What happens at a hackathon, share our experience organizing hackathons for the past years, and how you can get involved as participant or organizer.

How to Collaborate with GitHub

Our next workshop is on GitHub, which is a very useful platform to organize your code/materials for a hackathon, a personal project, or a school project.

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Generative Adversarial Networks - Synthetic Data for Fun and Profit

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are an approach to generative modeling using deep learning methods. In this workshop, we will give a hands-on intro to GANs, going through image and financial time series examples.

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Intro to Hardware Hacking

How to use cheap, prototyping hardware such as Raspberry Pis and Arduinos in your projects.

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Fun Fourier Transform - Whistle Unlocker

Learn how to apply the Fourier Transform in order to perform melody detection, which is used to create a “whistle unlocker”, and use an Arduino for recording audio and displaying feedback.

Arkworks - efficient zero knowledge arguments in Rust

Come learn how to do zero-knowledge arguments efficiently using the Arkworks library for Rust! In this workshop we will be giving an introduction to Succinct Zero Knowledge Arguments of Knowledge (zkSNARKs) in general and Arkworks, a bleeding-edge Rust library for designing and implementing them.

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Turning your hackathon or side project into a startup

S2S Ventures - a student-run venture capital fund - will talk about how they support and invest money in student projects from Swiss higher education. And if you could not make it to LauzHack, come hear about some of the projects that are continuing, and that are looking for talent!